Enable the new Facebook Timeline feature


You all must have heard about the new Facebook timeline feature, It includes a list of all the things that you have ever posted on Facebook, since the beginning. It looks like this:

unable to load image

but unfortunately its in beta phase and is available only to some of the users. Here is a trick by which you can enable the timeline feature on your profile:

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  • You will be redirected to the Developer App
  • Click on Create a new App Button unable to load image
  • Give a Display Name to the App and a Namespace (the Namespace should be all lowercase characters without spaces or any special characters and end with “ltd” ) for example:

unable to load image

  • Check the box ‘I agree to the Facebook Platform Policies’ and Click on Continue. Facebook will ask for a verification (Security Check) Continue with it.
  • Now you are on your App’s Main setting screen. Now in the “Open Graph” section on the left, Click on the Getting Started.
  • Define any action in the object for example people can “read” a “book” or “watch” a “movie” and click on Get Started

unable to load image

  • Now just click on Save Changes and Next and then on Save and Finish and you are done!
  • Wait for a few seconds and then go to you profile, you should be able to see the timeline view.

Initially it is visible only to you and it will go public in 2-3 days. Once it is public only those people who have timeline view activated can see the timeline view, rest all will see the same old view of your profile.

P.S.: To enable the developer feature, your Facebook profile must be verified. i.e. you must have registered you mobile and email with Facebook, else you won’t be able to create a new App.


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