Lenticular Clouds

We see clouds almost daily. they are of different shapes and sizes, mostly depends on what all people can imagine them to be.. but have you ever seen some thing like this before. ?

Beautiful! isn’t is?

That is called a Lenticular Cloud. they are stationary oval-shaped clouds and are formed at high altitudes look really beautiful and amazing they sometimes glow around the edges like this one – 

This is called Irisation caused by diffraction of sunlight by the clouds.

It is also sometimes mistaken for a UFO in fact many of the  alleged UFO sightings turn out to be such shaped clouds or shadows only.

this one here looks pretty much like a UFO

While flight pilots try to avoid these clouds because of the radio disturbances caused by them, gliders often seek for them as they produce a smooth and strong wave lift which helps gain high altitude.


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  1. these look amazing.. really a very fantastic post… the informations are soooo nice… i really never expected that there would be something like this… its really mind blowing to see…and its really a shocking to see that a cloud forms this shape…

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