Fun Fact #4

Here is a way to have fun with Microsoft Windows.

Did you know that you cannot Create a folder named CON anywhere on windows? Try it. . .

Were you able to create the folder? On windows 7 , It gives an error like this :

Why? Is it magic? Is it a Bug?

Actually no, the answer is that no it’s not a bug or some magic either. and, In general you can’t create any file named CON on windows either. The reason behind it is pretty simple – CON is a reserve name and it stands for CONsole – i.e. the screen on which Everything is displayed, so by creating a file named CON you would be able to access the screen directly by editing the file named CON which is not wanted. So this name is disabled by Microsoft.

But, there is a way by which you can access the Console, or at least see what is in it

Go to command prompt, and type

>COPY readme.txt CON

where, readme.txt is any text file containing some data. The file must be created in the same directory from which you are giving this command.

What this will do is, it will copy the contents of readme.txt file to the console and it would be visible on the command prompt.

Apart from CON there are some other names too which are not allowed on Windows like – COM1, COM2, LPT1, LPT2,PRN,NUL  as these are used for serial ports, modem ports etc.


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