Google: more tricks: Trick #1: Google Gravity

I posted about the Google Barrel Roll Trick a few days ago, which got a good response from the audience so I have decided to post more such tricks here which are related to Google, one post per day! so keep watching this space for more such awesome tricks!! 😀

Trick #1: Google Gravity – I’m feeling lucky

  • Go to
  • type “google gravity” in the search bar (without the quotes)
  • click on I’m feeling lucky
see everything on the screen fall down as if because of gravity,

you screen will look like:

everything will fall down and now you cal drag the things around with your mouse.. and play around with them, but they fill fall down again due to gravity!
try searching for something – all the search results will also fall down.

For example – this is a search for “mojo Jojo” that cartoon character :

all the results are fallen down and now you can move them and play with them. 🙂

Enjoy!! 😀
P.S. some of these tricks do not work on internet explorer. preferably use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or some other good browser.

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