Guess What?


Here is a unique photo.

Can you guess what is this photo of?

This is  a close-up image of a human Eye! Surprised?

looks pretty scary but beautiful too!

I had never imagined that a beautiful thing such as an eye can look like this in close up view.

here are some more pics similar to that:






















A side view close up of the eyes:


Some Coloured Eyes close up:






















Enjoy! 😀


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  1. AWEsomeeeeeeeeee….. looks like sunflower in SOME :p HEHEH

    • yep, the last one.. sun flower
      how amazing the center black part looks almost like the still surface of water.

      I wonder what completely black eyes would look like.. 😀

      • Impossible =D it’s melanin that gives the darkness, which is basically brown
        but if u are going for something supernatural, like demons or so… well that’s not the time to take pictures of the eye XD
        just jk
        love the pics =) really awesome
        i didn’t think the eye was that….
        to be honest i was just looking for a drawing reference, and ended up learning something new and cool

      • Thanks Zioma!! =)
        these are actual pictures of eyes..
        melanin is what gives darkness in case of skin, not eyes.
        glad that you liked it. 😀

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