Facebook New Chat Smileys

Facebook has released a new set of smileys, incorporating the popular Memes in their chat. Here is a list of all the codes to make those smileys:

[[221920784510906]]  True Story – Barney Stinson
[[305710872791586]]  impossibru
[[168040846586189]]  sir
[[169919399735055]]  not bad – obama
[[9gag.9]]  9GAG logo
[[142670085793927]]  mother of god
[[170815706323196]]  cereal guy
[[192644604154319]]  Derpina
[[224812970902314]]  Derp
[[foreveralonecomics]] [[227644903931785]]  forevar alone guy
[[MegustaMeMe]]  me gusta christmas
[[149333368464171]]  Yao
[[218595638164996]]  Yao2
[[145768898802324]]  FFFFUUUU
[[189637151067601]]  Lol
[[168456309878025]]  Lol2
[[FapFapFapFap.B]]  Fap
[[106043532814443]]  Y U NO.
[[214457085240151]]  nothing to do here
[[160723207280093]]  are you fucking kidding me?
[[219611504753863]]  X ALL THE Y
[[309795212383816]]  watch out, we’ve got a badass over here
[[171108522930776]]  Troll face
[[164413893600463]]  Me gusta
[[129627277060203]]  Poker face
[[100002752520227]]  Okay guy
[[105387672833401]]  Fuck yeah
[[100002727365206]]  Challenge accepted
[[box]]  Box
[[zuck]] or [[4]].  Zuckerberg
[[firefox]] or [[14696440021]]  Firefox logo
[[googlechrome]] or [[321662419491]]  google chrome logo
[facebook] or [[20531316728]]  Facebook logo
[[ladygaga]] or [[10376464573]]  lady gaga
[[justinbieber]] or [[67253243887]]  Justin beiber
[[eminem]] or [[45309870078]]  eminem
[[official.roy]] or [[100002310405415]]  official roy
[[312080468826419]]  Chat Meme Codes Smiley
[[148578318584679]]  it’s okay (sweet, crying)
[[183671768326457]]  philosoraptor
[[turbolego]]  mini-me

I have not included the images of all these memes because I assumed that most of you must be knowing them already(especially those who are well acquainted with sites like 9GAG 😉 ) for those who don’t, you can always try them out on the Facebook chat and have fun! 😀

Though, there is just one small problem with these new smileys – they are all too small in size. Yeah, but who cares. as long as its good! Right?

Here is another list which creates graphical letters.

mapping for each letter of the alphabet is given Below:

[[107015582669715]]  A
[[116067591741123]]  B
[[115602405121532]]  C
[[112542438763744]]  D
[[115430438474268]]  E
[[109225112442557]]  F
[[111532845537326]]  G
[[111356865552629]]  H
[[109294689102123]]  I
[[115636698451811]]  J
[[116651741681944]]  K
[[115807951764667]]  L
[[106596672714242]]  M
[[108634132504932]]  N
[[116564658357124]]  O
[[111669128857397]]  P
[[107061805996548]]  Q
[[106699962703083]]  R
[[115927268419031]]  S
[[112669162092780]]  T
[[108983579135532]]  U
[[107023745999320]]  V
[[106678406038354]]  W
[[116740548336581]]  X
[[112416755444217]]  Y

Also, You can insert your own profile Pic in a chat window by typing your username or profile Id within two square brackets – for example my username is sumit.srivastava so, I will write [[sumit.srivastava]]  in a chat window, to insert a smiley with my Profile Pic in it (Which happens to be troll face at the moment 😛 ). Similarly, you can create a smiley of any facebook pace just by noting its facebook Id (present at the last of the page url) and writing it withing two square brackets – [[]].

Enjoy!! 😀

P.S. These smileys work only on the Facebook Chat window and not on the normal posts, status or comments.

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  1. [[221920784510906]] True Story – Barney Stinson
    [[305710872791586]] impossibru
    [[168040846586189]] sir
    [[169919399735055]] not bad – obama
    [[9gag.9]] 9GAG logo
    [[142670085793927]] mother of god
    [[170815706323196]] cereal guy
    [[192644604154319]] Derpina
    [[224812970902314]] Derp
    [[foreveralonecomics]] [[227644903931785]] forevar alone guy
    [[MegustaMeMe]] me gusta christmas
    [[149333368464171]] Yao
    [[218595638164996]] Yao2
    [[145768898802324]] FFFFUUUU
    [[189637151067601]] Lol
    [[168456309878025]] Lol2
    [[FapFapFapFap.B]] Fap
    [[106043532814443]] Y U NO.
    [[214457085240151]] nothing to do here
    [[160723207280093]] are you fucking kidding me?
    [[219611504753863]] X ALL THE Y
    [[309795212383816]] watch out, we’ve got a badass over here
    [[171108522930776]] Troll face
    [[164413893600463]] Me gusta
    [[129627277060203]] Poker face
    [[100002752520227]] Okay guy
    [[105387672833401]] Fuck yeah
    [[100002727365206]] Challenge accepted
    [[box]] Box
    [[zuck]] or [[4]]. Zuckerberg
    [[firefox]] or [[14696440021]] Firefox logo
    [[googlechrome]] or [[321662419491]] google chrome logo
    [facebook] or [[20531316728]] Facebook logo
    [[ladygaga]] or [[10376464573]] lady gaga
    [[justinbieber]] or [[67253243887]] Justin beiber
    [[eminem]] or [[45309870078]] eminem
    [[official.roy]] or [[100002310405415]] official roy
    [[312080468826419]] Chat Meme Codes Smiley
    [[148578318584679]] it’s okay (sweet, crying)
    [[183671768326457]] philosoraptor
    [[turbolego]] mini-me

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