Android Jelly Bean

Google has already released Android 4.1 code name: Jelly Bean

here are a few of the new features in Jelly Bean and a few Tips and Tricks as well that you can try out on Jelly Bean!


Google Now

This is one of the most highlighted feature of Jelly Bean. With this feature you can now get all you information like weather, location, sports,news, searches etc all in one place, which save a lot of effort in going to various apps for doing different things. Users can quickly launch Google Now from the home screen or from the lock screen, by long pressing the home button a white semicircle pops out with the Google logo printed on it. Now, just drag your finger towards the logo and it will instantly launch Google Now. The Google Now function can also be launched by pressing the Back button on the home screen and then moving your finger towards the same semicircle and logo that appears on the screen.


Google Now

You can also talk to Google now same as Apple’s Siri ask random questions and “Now” will answer back or search the web for relevant information. not as good as Siri though, but it’s a start in that direction.

Voice Search

One of the Major changes which you will notice in Jelly Bean is the greatly improved voice search feature. Call out “Google” and the search box will pop up instantly and you can call out anything you can’t to search for. Though it works better for US English and might have a bit of difficulty with Indian accents.



The notification bar is opened similarly by dragging down the notification pane but there are a lot of improvements in there too.  In the new Jelly Bean version, it allows you to expand some of the notifications by sliding two fingers outwards on them in a Zoom-In manner. This allows you to preview the notification for example in case of E-mail notifications. To collapse the notification, again do the same two finger slide only this time do it inwards, in a Zoom-Out manner. Also, You can share stuff directly from the notifications bar.

To remove a notification, as always, slide the notification sideways and it will be gone.

The screen auto-rotate orientation feature is also conveniently located on the notifications bar from where you can simply turn it on or off.

In Jelly Bean there is a notification for each app and you can choose to turn notifications on or off for each app separately. So if an app has a lot of annoying notifications you can simply turn off notifications for that app.

You can directly access app info by directly long pressing the notification, and it will directly take you to the app info page of that app which was responsible for that notification. an interesting feature if you don’t know which app is generating the notification, can come in handy for those push notification type apps you can easily detect which app is giving all the spam notifications.


Face Unlock – Blink

This feature was initially introduces in the ICS, for phones which have a secondary camera, but it has been greatly improved in Jelly Bean. There is a new “liveness check” option to enhance the security which ensures that it is a real face and not some static image (i.e. a photo) of the owner. with this feature the user has to blink after looking into the camera, if the camera doesn’t detect a blink then it will go to the pattern unlock screen as a secondary option.


Screen Capture

There is a built-in feature for screenshots in Jelly Bean – no more third-party apps or rooting needed to enable this feature! To take a screenshot, just press the volume down button and the power button together (you have to keep pressing both buttons at the same time), the device will take a screenshot and it will appear on the notifications from there, you can crop, edit, delete or share the screenshot.


Offline Speech-to-Text

You can choose to download offline Speech recognition, which will allow you to convert speech to text without having a data connection or a WiFi


Deleting an App

Even though ICS made the deleting of apps quite easy by just long pressing and dragging the app to the delete button, Jelly Bean has made it easier now, you can fling the app upwards and it is deleted!


Reboot in Safe Mode

Same as in the case of PCs, this will reboot the phone and disable all the third-party apps. Long press the power button then long press the power off option This will show a dialog box asking you to reboot in safe mode, press OK to restart the phone in safe mode.


Reboot in Safe Mode

This is a pretty useful feature if you have installed some malicious third-party app which is causing harm to your phone.


Android Beam

Android Beam enables NFC (Near Field Communication) between two NFC enabled devices. This is a very fast mode for exchanging data between two devices just by bringing the devices in physical contact, no wires or blue-tooth etc needed, just touch the two devices together. (more info on NFC here)


Owner Info

You can choose to display you name, contact information ( i.e. phone number and email) in the lock screen of you phone that is in case you phone gets lost or something you contact info will be right there on the lock screen itself.


Image Gallery

In Jelly Bean you can zoom in and out of the images by pinching while in the film-strip mode itself, also you can easily delete an image by flinging it up or down. Don’t worry for deleting an image by mistake though, as it gives you enough time to undo you action.


Volume Bar

You can now set the volume of media, ringtones, notifications etc by just clicking the volume button and using the slider. When you tap the volume button all the different volume sliders will be shown and you can slide each one of them separately.


Volume Sliders


Raining Jelly Beans! #Trick

Go to Settings > About Phone  and then tap on the android version a few times It will take you to a screen which displays one big jelly bean, keep tapping it and more jelly beans will start raining on the screen you can play with them and fling them around.


Barrel Roll #Trick

you must be already aware of the Google Barrel Roll trick which works on the desktop version of Google Chrome (if not, you can find it here) well, Google has added this feature on Jelly Bean as well, Say “Do a Barrel Roll” to you phone and the screen will do a flip!


Hope you have fun with these trick and tips! feel free to share more in the comments below. 🙂

Enjoy! 😀


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