See who visits your Facebook profile the most

Ever wonder if someone in particular views your Facebook profile many times a day, whether it’s someone you like 😉 or if it’s a random stalker?

Follow these steps and you can find out which people in your friend list see your profile most.

Firstly, You need to learn how to interpret the list that this trick gives you. For example, look out for people showing up towards the top of the list who you know you don’t message and you don’t comment on their stuff. If someone you never interact with shows up pretty high on your list, you’ll know it’s because they’re looking at your page.

Step 1: Open your Facebook profile page in a browser which allows you to view the source. (Like Firefox or Google Chrome.)

Step 2: Right click on an empty area, and click on “View Page Source” as shown:

(for other browsers in which this option is not there, look for it under the View menu in the toolbar)

Step 3: when you click on “View Page Source“, a new window will open containing the source code of your profile page, Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard to open up the Search box, and type “InitialChatFriendsList” and search for it. It will be something like this:
There is a list just after the text “InitialChatFriendsList” (as shown above). In the list, there will be a lot of numbers, these are the profile IDs of your friends. The profiles in the list are listed in order by who visits your timeline most recently.

Step 4: You can see the profile by copying the number before the “-“ in the list, and pasting it in the address bar of your browser after like this:

Step 5: Looking up a specific profile? You can also see where a specific profile falls in this list, but you will need that person’s Facebook user id number.
To find this, go to that person’s profile, and view a picture that they uploaded. While viewing the picture, look at the address bar and search for a string that looks something like this: “a.2262994946734.129192.1604298713”.
In this string the last set of numbers after the dot “.”(Highlighted above), will be the user id of that user. For example:

DISCLAIMER: This trick will give you insight into who views your profile, but Facebook isn’t confirming exactly who they are. This list you get from following below steps is determined by a lot of different factors: who comments on your posts, people you message frequently, AND who looks at your Facebook the most often (among other things).

There is no way to see EXACTLY who looks at your page the most, and any app which says otherwise is lying and a scam.

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