Turn your web browser into a Notepad

Here is a nice little Trick through which you can turn your web browser into a notepad with editable content:

Just open your Web Browser (Firefox, Google Chrome etc.)* and Type this in the address bar and press enter:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>


Here, the data:text/html part tells the browser to execute whatever is written after this as a HTML Document.

So similarly, you can write any HTML after the data:text/html, and it would be displayed on the web browser

for Example: typing this in the address bar:

data:text/html, <html><head><title>Hello World!</title></head><body><div><h1>Hello</h1><br><br><h2>Bye!</h2></div></body></html>

would display this on the browser:

ImageSimilarly, you can type whatever HTML you like in the address bar and press enter to see the outcome on the browser!

Enjoy! 😀

* Note: This does not work on Internet Explorer.

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  1. This is way cool. Thanks!!

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