Stop Windows 10 from Automatically downloading updates

While everyone is all excited about the new Windows 10 OS with its brand new features and new UI, there are still many irritating quirks that need fine tuning.

One such thing is the automatic updates feature – Whenever there is a new update, Windows 10 won’t ask you before downloading, It will simply download the update not caring about your internet bandwidth consumption etc.

If you are doing some important work on the Internet in windows 10, and you suddenly feel that something is sucking all your bandwidth, the automatic windows update is probably the culprit. By default, it even installs the updates and restarts the system, WITHOUT EVEN ASKING YOU. Windows 10 doesn’t care if you are working on something important. It just does: update -> download -> restart.

Here is how to fix both these issues:

  • Preventing automatic restart of the PC after installing updates:

There is actually a setting in windows updates which helps you do that.

Open Start Menu and type “Windows Update Settings”. Open the settings app and Click on “Advanced Options” in the windows update tab:


In the next screen, from the “Choose how updates are installed” drop down, choose the “Notify to Schedule restart” option. Now, Widows will ask you before restarting automatically after installing new updates.


Another important option to note here is the “Choose how updates are delivered” option at the bottom.

Click on the link and turn the option Off.


When this option is set to On, Windows will send updates from your system to other systems over the Internet, utilizing your precious bandwidth. Its better to turn off this option for security reasons and for preserving bandwidth.

  • Preventing automatic Download of updates:

This is more of a trick which actually windows 10 itself reveals in the “Advanced Options” window of Windows Update. It says that updates won’t be downloaded over a metered connection. So to fix this problem, all you have to do is set your WiFi as a metered connection:

Go to WiFi settings by typing “WiFi settings” in the windows start menu search and opening the settings app.

In the settings, click on advanced options:

wifiadvancedIn the next window, Choose Metered Connection as On


And it is done! Windows won’t automatically download updates now!

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