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The Story behind “Bliss”


The image called “Bliss” is probably the most viewed image in the world.
Is it real?
At the time when Microsoft announced they would stop the support for Windows XP,
they released this video with the answer.

The Story behind “bliss” by the one who clicked it himself.



YouTube more Easter Eggs


I am back with a few more great YouTube Tricks/Easter Eggs!

1) “1980”

Just Open YouTube and open any video of your choice, (I used this video: God Is an Astronaut – When Everything Dies) and type “1980” (without the quotes) but not in the search box, click anywhere on the white spaces at the sides, and just type “1980” (without the quotes).

YouTube will shift the video down and open up a screen saying “MISSILE COMMAND Blow the missiles out of the sky! Click to Continue” as shown below:


Click on that and a game will start as shown below, you have to defend your Video from getting destroyed by the incoming missiles.! (pretty cool! huh?) Just aim with your mouse and click to shoot.


The health bar of the video is shown at the top, (the gray bar) the game will finish when this health bar gets to Zero.

here is a video demo of the Easter Egg:


have fun playing!! 🙂



Click for more YouTube Tricks!


Image a pen with which, whatever you write could just come out of the paper and stand out in 3D!

wouldn’t it be amazing??

Well with this 3Doodler pen, you can actually just do exactly that. Just write something on a paper, and it comes out of the paper in 3D!

or even forget the paper, just get a base for support and start drawing in the air! sounds pretty cool yeah!?

you can see the 3Doodler in action here in this video:

It works kind of similar to a glue gun, and uses (ABS or PLA) plastic as an Ink (similar to those used by 3D printers) which is heated and cooled to get the Ink to flow out and then harden it as desired.

The good thing about this 3Doodler is that you can just start writing and the things will come to 3D, unlike other 3D printers in which you have to provide models and do some programming or use some software etc. to get it to work. So basically any layman can use it. It’s just as easy as using a normal pen. It’s up to you to be as creative as you can! 🙂

More on 3Doodler can be found Here: 3Doodler


Cheers! 😀

Wood Magic!

I will teach you a Magic trick today!

Can you do this?

here the nail is driven through the center two blocks, there is no holes on the side blocks and there is no space on the top of the middle blocks either.

How will you do this?


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Free fall . . . from Space.?!

Have you ever done free fall.. like in bungee jumping or sky diving etc.. ? Feels exciting, and scary too doesn’t it? How much height did you jump from? not more than 200 – 300 meters i guess? Well This man – Joseph Kittinger did a free fall from over 31 Kilometers!!! surprised?

He was a command Pilot in the US Air Force and he holds the world records for having the highest, fastest and longest skydive.

On August 16, 1960, he went up to an altitude of 31,300 Meters in a helium balloon and jumped from that height.

here is the video:

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