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See who visits your Facebook profile the most

Ever wonder if someone in particular views your Facebook profile many times a day, whether it’s someone you like 😉 or if it’s a random stalker?

Follow these steps and you can find out which people in your friend list see your profile most.

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Facebook New Chat Smileys

Facebook has released a new set of smileys, incorporating the popular Memes in their chat. Here is a list of all the codes to make those smileys:

[[221920784510906]]  True Story – Barney Stinson
[[305710872791586]]  impossibru
[[168040846586189]]  sir
[[169919399735055]]  not bad – obama
[[9gag.9]]  9GAG logo
[[142670085793927]]  mother of god
[[170815706323196]]  cereal guy
[[192644604154319]]  Derpina
[[224812970902314]]  Derp
[[foreveralonecomics]] [[227644903931785]]  forevar alone guy
[[MegustaMeMe]]  me gusta christmas
[[149333368464171]]  Yao
[[218595638164996]]  Yao2
[[145768898802324]]  FFFFUUUU
[[189637151067601]]  Lol
[[168456309878025]]  Lol2
[[FapFapFapFap.B]]  Fap
[[106043532814443]]  Y U NO.
[[214457085240151]]  nothing to do here
[[160723207280093]]  are you fucking kidding me?
[[219611504753863]]  X ALL THE Y
[[309795212383816]]  watch out, we’ve got a badass over here
[[171108522930776]]  Troll face
[[164413893600463]]  Me gusta
[[129627277060203]]  Poker face
[[100002752520227]]  Okay guy
[[105387672833401]]  Fuck yeah
[[100002727365206]]  Challenge accepted
[[box]]  Box
[[zuck]] or [[4]].  Zuckerberg
[[firefox]] or [[14696440021]]  Firefox logo
[[googlechrome]] or [[321662419491]]  google chrome logo
[facebook] or [[20531316728]]  Facebook logo
[[ladygaga]] or [[10376464573]]  lady gaga
[[justinbieber]] or [[67253243887]]  Justin beiber
[[eminem]] or [[45309870078]]  eminem
[[official.roy]] or [[100002310405415]]  official roy
[[312080468826419]]  Chat Meme Codes Smiley
[[148578318584679]]  it’s okay (sweet, crying)
[[183671768326457]]  philosoraptor
[[turbolego]]  mini-me

more smileys 🙂

Download your Facebook Profile

All of us use Facebook these days, have you ever though about being able to see your own profile as a single website with all the pages and images and your status messages which you have put up till now, messages received, Friends, notes, photos, videos, everything.. and moreover, this can be stored offline on your laptop.

Actually you can do this, there is an option to download a copy of your Facebook data:

Permanently delete Facebook Account

All of you who are on Facebook (which would be more than 90% of the audience I assume), have you ever wanted to get off Facebook, for good… like delete all your stuff, photos comments etc.  and be gone from Facebook forever, for any reasons – maybe privacy, lack of interest or whatever?
So then what do you do?
You go to Account Settings > Security and from there, you select Deactivate your account option and you get the following options:

Select  any one of the options and then, check the boxes next to Groups (to change them into closed groups), if you are the sole owner of a group and the one next to Delete applications, if you are the sole developer of any app.

After doing all these things, when you click on Confirm, It will ask you your password and a security check (captcha code)

after doing these, your Facebook account will be “deactivated”.

BUT, what is this!!, whenever you will log in again in the future with your username-password, your account will be reactivated and all the data (photos, comments etc) will be intact as you left it. means in reality nothing will be deleted and you information will still be with Facebook even after de-activating your account.

Well so how do we really get off Facebook ?

Here’s how: Read the rest of this entry

Disable the Facebook Timeline feature

The new Facebook timeline feature though it is interesting, but it can be a nuisance sometimes… so here are the steps to disable this feature:


  1. Go to Facebook Developers Group and click on Edit App button on the top right of the screen. (more…)

Enable the new Facebook Timeline feature


You all must have heard about the new Facebook timeline feature, It includes a list of all the things that you have ever posted on Facebook, since the beginning. It looks like this:

unable to load image

but unfortunately its in beta phase and is available only to some of the users. Here is a trick by which you can enable the timeline feature on your profile: (more…)

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