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Firefox Tricks

Funny trick on Firefox:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox
  2. In the address bar, type “about:robots
  3. Press enter

there will be a funny message like:

This works on Firefox 3 and above

But, what is Klaatu barada nikto ?  – written at the title bar of the page. ?

It is a phrase from the 1951 science fiction film – “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, Klaatu is the name of the humanoid alien protagonist in the movie. Its kind of safe word to atop a destructive force,but the actual interpretation is debatable.


More Tricks:

There are some other similar Tricks on Firefox, try typing these in Firefox address bar and see the trick:

and some other inside stuff which you might not find usually:

on clicking the about:config, Firefox shows some warning like:  –>

but this warning message is most probably a joke (Firefox doesn’t come with any warranty)

Why this works?

Actually About: is a URI scheme in browsers which is used to display some built-in functions. More on URI schemes:

Enjoy!! 😀

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