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YouTube more Easter Eggs


I am back with a few more great YouTube Tricks/Easter Eggs!

1) “1980”

Just Open YouTube and open any video of your choice, (I used this video: God Is an Astronaut – When Everything Dies) and type “1980” (without the quotes) but not in the search box, click anywhere on the white spaces at the sides, and just type “1980” (without the quotes).

YouTube will shift the video down and open up a screen saying “MISSILE COMMAND Blow the missiles out of the sky! Click to Continue” as shown below:


Click on that and a game will start as shown below, you have to defend your Video from getting destroyed by the incoming missiles.! (pretty cool! huh?) Just aim with your mouse and click to shoot.


The health bar of the video is shown at the top, (the gray bar) the game will finish when this health bar gets to Zero.

here is a video demo of the Easter Egg:


have fun playing!! 🙂



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Cat game

Here is a very simple classical game which is small n fun but can be highly addictive.

All you have to do is to circle the cat within the Dark circles. Click on the image to open the Game :

Cat Game
Here are some tricks to do this game quickly:

  • The cat will always go for large open spaces cover them first
  • Make a wide circle and then close in on the Cat
  • The cat move opposite to the direction you clicked in (unless it’s a large open space there) so you can use this knowledge to guide the cat somewhat in your desired direction.
P.S. Refresh the page if the game doesn’t load at once.
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