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Android Jelly Bean

Google has already released Android 4.1 code name: Jelly Bean

here are a few of the new features in Jelly Bean and a few Tips and Tricks as well that you can try out on Jelly Bean!


Google Now

This is one of the most highlighted feature of Jelly Bean. With this feature you can now get all you information like weather, location, sports,news, searches etc all in one place, which save a lot of effort in going to various apps for doing different things. Users can quickly launch Google Now from the home screen or from the lock screen, by long pressing the home button a white semicircle pops out with the Google logo printed on it. Now, just drag your finger towards the logo and it will instantly launch Google Now. The Google Now function can also be launched by pressing the Back button on the home screen and then moving your finger towards the same semicircle and logo that appears on the screen.


Google Now

You can also talk to Google now same as Apple’s Siri ask random questions and “Now” will answer back or search the web for relevant information. not as good as Siri though, but it’s a start in that direction.

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Just for Fun

Check this out:

  • Go to
  • type “50 most popular women”
  • open the first search result
  • check out Entry number 7.


I don’t know if the website is trolling (like myself) or is that really the case. 😛

Enjoy! 😀

P.S. no pun intended, just for fun! 😛



Google Doodle: Christmas

Another awesome Christmas special Google Doodle. This one plays the Jingle Bells tune when you click on the boxes below the modified Google logo.

#Another Trick: Read the rest of this entry

Google: Trick#7: Let It Snow

Trick #7: Let It snow

  • Got to
  • type “let it snow” in the search box (without the quotes)
  • press enter.


Click on this Let Me Google That For You Link: Let It Snow

and here is a screenshot.. It will start snowing and the window will start to freeze from the sides.. its cool! try wiping the snow off with your mouse 🙂

Enjoy! 😀

P.S. this is a seasonal trick and may not work all the time.

Google: Trick#6: Epic Google

Trick#6: Epic Google

Here is another one of the Google Tricks –

  • Go to
  • Type “epic google” in the search box (without the quotes)
  • Click on I’m feeling Lucky


Click on this Let Me Google That For You link: Epic Google  Read the rest of this entry

Google Search History

how many of you did know that all the searches you do on Google are actually stored and can be viewed too.!! ?

Shocked? It’s true. You can view your Google search history by clicking on this link:

Google Search History

This search history will be associated with a Gmail account i.e only those searches will be saved here which are done by you when you were actually logged-on to Google through any of the Google’s products and will be linked to your Gmail account. How to know that you are logged on or not? Simple – go to and see at the top there will be something like this :

there will be your name at the top right side (This is for the new look of Google in which they have integrated it with Google+)

many users won’t be too happy on knowing that their history and actions are being recorded and saved by Google (for privacy or whatever reasons) so, for them there is an option to turn of this feature by clicking on the ‘Pause’ button in the Web history option as shown below.

Optionally you can also delete all of your previous history (by clicking on Remove all web history) or only some selective items (by clicking on Remove)

In the screenshot above, it shows “Your current search history is currently empty” because I had paused the feature of web history and hence no history was being saved.

Enjoy! 😀

Google: Trick#5: Google Guitar

Trick#5: Google Guitar

This is my favorite Google trick and it is in fact an interactive Google doodle made as a Tribute to Les Paul on his 96th birthday.

  • Go to
  • Type “google guitar” in the search box (without the quotes)
  • Click on I’m feeling lucky

You will go to the Google Guitar Doodle page directly: Read the rest of this entry

Google: Trick #4: Recursion

Trick #4: Recursion

Hey guys, the Google trick for today is recursion its a very small trick, and for those of you who do not know what recursion means, this might help. It’s basically a thing or a function which repeats over itself again and again.

So, go to

type “recursion” in the search box. (without the quotes)

and press enter.

notice how Google will give a suggestion to you like this:

 why is that? you have typed the spelling correctly still it is giving you a spell check suggestion? click on the suggestion, you will notice that nothing happens and you get back to the same page with the spelling suggestion still being shown.

This is a trick by Google in which it shows recursion in the search. as, clicking on recursion will again lead you to the same page and will still keep you giving the spelling suggestion even though your spelling is correct – i.e. recursion.

Enjoy! 😀

Google: Trick #3: Google Pacman

Trick #3: Google Pacman – I’m feeling lucky

  • Go to
  • type Google pacman in the search (without the quotes)
  • click on I’m feeling lucky

you will get the classical pacman game as the Google logo with Google written in the center, it’s fully interactive and you can play the game using your keyboard’s arrow keys. Click on Insert Coin to start the game

here is a screenshot of the game:  Read the rest of this entry

Google: Trick #2: Google Sphere

Trick #2: Google Sphere – I’m feeling lucky

  • Go to
  • type “google sphere” in the search bar (without the quotes)
  • click on I’m feeling lucky

Everything on the screen will form into a sphere and revolve around the objects will move about in the sphere as you move your mouse up-down and left-right. the speed of the movement will depend upon how far you are from the sphere, the further you are, the more speed  of revolution.

The screen will look like: Read the rest of this entry

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