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The Expressionless – Truth or Hoax?

So, a few days ago I was browsing this really interesting site – 9GAG and happened to come across this post about some creepy mannequin like woman who claimed to be “God ” and ate away all the hospital guards etc.

first of all, this is how the complete story goes for those who haven’t read it yet: (Source: The Expressionless – Creepy Pasta)

A Note before reading: Please don’t read this if you are scared easily and especially not at night 😉

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The Expressionless

In June of 1972, a woman appeared in Cedar Senai hospital in nothing but a white, blood-covered gown. Now this, in itself, should not be too surprising as people often have accidents nearby and come to the nearest hospital for medical attention, but there were two things that caused people who saw her to vomit and flee in terror.The first being that she wasn’t exactly human. she resembled something close to a mannequin, but had the dexterity and fluidity of a normal human being. Her face, was as flawless as a mannequins, devoid of eyebrows and smeared in make-up.

There was a kitten clamped in her jaws so unnaturally tight that no teeth could be seen, and the blood was still squirting out over her gown and onto the floor. She then pulled it out of her mouth, tossed it aside and collapsed. Read the rest of the story

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