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Turn your web browser into a Notepad

Here is a nice little Trick through which you can turn your web browser into a notepad with editable content: Read the rest of this entry


April Fools’ Day!

Hello friends! With April fool’s day just round the corner,here are a few simple everyday tricks you can pull off on your friends 😉




But before you plan and carry out any of these practical jokes, make sure it doesn’t harm, humiliate or embarrass the intended target or damage anything in the process.

  • Turn up the volume as high as it can go on someone’s computer before they turn it on.
  • Attach magnets to a large cup, place the cup on the hood or roof of the car and take off. and watch people stare in surprise as you go by.
  • Put some powder on top of the ceiling fan blades and wait for someone to turn it on! 😉
  • Take some pebbles and paint them like strawberries and watch as people try to eat them


  • And the most common Prank: Swap out sugar for salt and watch others put it salt in the morning cup of coffee. (Have a second, non-salted cup ready to go though).
  • This one will need some preparation: Put water in a cereal bowl, and freeze overnight. The next morning, pour normal cereal on top of the iced cereal, completely covering it, and watch others trying hard to dig in it. 😀
  • A good Office Prank: Put part of a post-it note over the Laser light on a computer mouse — it won’t work! (Make sure to write “April Fools!” on the note 😀 ).
  • Duct Tape a pressure horn to the inside of a door!

pressure horn

  • Stuff in some newspaper inside a friend’s shoe’s tips, they’ll wonder why their feet don’t fit! 😀
  • A prank to pull on your school going kids: When your kid comes home from school, tell them a teacher or the principal called to discuss your kid’s bad behavior. Let them know the gag’s up when you see them start sweating.
  • A very old trick but still works: Take a screen-shot of your friend’s computer screen and set is as the desktop background and then hide all the desktop Icons and the start menu! then sit back and enjoy as your friend tries to figure out what’s wrong with his system.
  • Put Googly Eyes on Everything!


  • Hard-boil all the eggs in the refrigerator and place them back into the carton.
  • Put a Straw in frozen Jell-O shots and put them out like a drink, only they won’t be Drinkable!


  • Take an empty Coke bottle, pour in some sprite then Add soy sauce until  it looks like the color of Coke and replace the cap and put it back in the Refrigerator.

and while you are waiting for your friends to be fooled by those pranks, why don’t you try to solve this fun Crossword game yourself.



Have Fun! 😀

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